Racing Traps

Our racing traps are our top selling product amongst our racing equipment. The design is simple yet effective, and they are perfect for both competition racing and training.

Below are some of the products we have to offer but we are open to speciality or custom requests.

Fully Electric Whippet Traps

Price on request

Whippet Traps

Prices start from £325.00 each

Greyhound Traps

Prices start from £450.00 each

Double Block Greyhound Schooling Traps

Prices start from £850.00

Whippet Racing Trap Springs

Prices start from £85.00

Set of five Whippet race trap springs.

Whippet Traps Electric Plug-in Board

Prices start from £150.00

12/24 volts electric board.

Racing Trap Repairs

To keep prices down to help clubs and tracks we also repair and refurbish old Whippet and Greyhound traps.

Just send us an email with some pictures of what you need repaired and we will give you a quick quote!