Garden Collection

Add a special touch to your garden with one of Stallion's unique hand crafted garden and outdoors products.

You won't find anything anywhere comparable!

VW Planter

Prices start from £85.00

A Volkswagen styled planter.

Unique Custom Barbecue's

Made to order completely unique barbecues. Below are a few examples of what we have done so far as requested by customers:

VW T5 Barbecue
Man Riding Bike with BBQ sidecar
Pig Barbecue

Horse Shoe Chair

Prices start from £85.00

Lucky Horse Shoe Key Holder

Prices start from £7.00

Lucky Horse Shoe Door Stop

Prices start from £6.00

Bench Men

Prices start from £15.00

Wood Burner

Prices start from £50.00

A classic wood burner ideal for a garden, garage, workshop or greenhouse.

Patio / Garden Wood Log Burner

Prices start from £85.00

Customise with a logo or design cut into the burner. Handy for burning garden waste and when lit the logo looks great!

Novelty Wood Burner Heater (Darth Vader Edition)

Prices start from £125.00

Ideal for a garden patio.

Dragon Wood Burner

Prices start from £500.00

A great feature for any garden standing 6 feet high and breathes smoke and fire from his mouth when lit.

VW Camper/Pickup Wood Burners and Barbecues

Prices start from £225.00

A great feature for the VW fan and ideal for a patio or camping.

Racing Dog Weather Vane

Prices start from £65.00

All metal complete with fixing bracket and compass for setting up north / south /east / west.

Large Garden Lamp

Prices start from £450.00

Large 8ft tall garden lamp.

VW Camper Light

Prices start from £180.00

A great unique feature for the VW fan. Ideal to fit on house, garage or garden.

Made to order painted in your choice of colours